A security library for MS Windows that allows you to open existing or
create new security identifiers (SID's), as well as create access
control lists (ACL's) and access control entries (ACE's).


require 'win32/security'
include Win32
sid ='some_user')
sid.valid? # => true
sid.to_s   # => "S-1-5-21-3733855671-1102023144-2002619019-1000"
sid.length # => 28
sid.sid    # => "\001\005\000\000\000\000\000\005\025\000\000\000..."
acl =
mask = Security::ACL::GENERIC_READ | Security::ACL::GENERIC_WRITE
acl.add_access_allowed_ace('some_user', mask)
acl.add_access_denied_ace('some_user', Security::ACL::GENERIC_EXECUTE)
acl.acl_count # => 2
acl.valid?    # => true

Future Plans

None at the moment. Suggestions welcome.

Known Issues

There appears to be an issue with 64-bit versions of JRuby. I believe it 
is related to this issue: There
is nothing I can do about it here.
Please file any other bug reports on the project page at:


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Park Heesob