This is a Ruby interface to the Microsoft Speech API, 5.x.


The Microsoft Speech API 5.x. It can be downloaded for free from


gem install win32-sapi


require 'win32/sapi5'
include Win32

v =
v.Speak("Shall we play a game?")


This module is a simple interface to the Microsoft Speech API 5.x.  There
are interfaces to all of the Automation classes that this API consists of.
Each class is a subclass of the SAPI5 class, which is in turn a subclass
of WIN32OLE. With your object you can then call the available methods for
that particular Automation class.
This documentation won't offer the complete documentation for every method.
Instead, download the Microsoft Speech API 5.x documentation (a .chm file)
and read the part that covers 'Automation'.

Known Bugs

None known. Any bugs should be reported on the project page at


Thanks go to Jouke Visser for his Win32::SAPI5 Perl module, on which this
library is based.


The Microsoft SAPI 5.x SDK is supported on news://microsoft.public.speech_tech.sdk

Future Plans

Suggestions welcome.


Artistic 2.0

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implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.


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