ZURB Foundation framework for webgen

This is a webgen extension bundle that provides the Scss standalone version of the ZURB Foundation CSS framework. This bundle allows the easy inclusion of parts or all of the Foundation framework in webgen websites.


This extension bundle includes all of the Scss and Javascript files of the Scss standalone version of ZURB Foundation.

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with how Foundation works.

Scss files

The needed Scss stylesheets are provided under the /foundation/ path:

  • The foundation.scss file can be imported to include all the functionality of the Foundation framework.

  • There is a sub-directory called components/ where the individual component files live.

  • The normalize.scss file that is included in ZURB Foundation distribution (see http://git.io/normalize).

Note that the Scss files are only available to the Sass/Scss content processors, i.e. no nodes are created for them!

The following statements placed in any Scss stylesheet you use in your webgen website would import the whole Foundation CSS framework:

@import "/foundation/normalize"
@import "/foundation/foundation"

Javascript files

The Foundation javascript files are provided as passive nodes under the /javascripts/foundation/ path (e.g. /javascripts/foundation/foundation.dropdown.js).

The vendored files included in the ZURB Foundation distribution are available under the /javascripts/foundation/vendor/ directory.


The easiest way to install this extension bundle is by installing the corresponding Rubygem:

gem install webgen-zurb_foundation-bundle

If you don't use Rubygems, copy the folder lib/webgen/bundle/zurb_foundation into your ext directory.

After that you just need to tell webgen to use this extension bundle by adding the following line to your ext/init.rb file:


Copyright and license

Copyright (c) 2013 Thomas Leitner under the MIT license (see LICENSE)

All files included from the [Scss standalone version] of ZURB Foundation (including the vendored files) are licensed under the MIT license.