Vzaar video uploader plugin for Camaleon CMS. All videos uploaded using Camaleon Media Browser will be saved in Vzaar Server.


  • Add gem to you Gemfile gem 'vzaar_uploader' gem 'vzaar_api', git: '[email protected]:vzaar/vzaar-api-ruby.git', branch: 'version-2.0.0-alpha'
  • Install gem bundle install
  • Active plugin in admin panel

  • Configure plugin settings to enter Vzaar API settings


  • Go to admin panel -> settings -> Content Groups

  • Add/Edit a Content Group to enable Featured Video for its contents

  • After enabled a featured video, this will be shown below featured image on create content

  • Include video player js library in your assets

    //= require plugins/vzaar_uploader/vzaar
  • In your html template render your featured video like this:

    <div class="featured_video">
      <%= video_tag @post.get_meta('featured_video') %>


Contribution directions go here.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.