Vitae is to CVs what rubygems is to ruby code.

It's also very under development right now, and not very useful yet. Come back soon!


First install the vitae gem:

$: sudo gem i vitae

Now lets create a new project called my_cv_project, with some named CVs:

$: vitae create my_cv_project arthur_gunn sajal_shah  
  creating my_cv_project...
        create  cvs/arthur_gunn.yaml
        create  cvs/sajal_shah.yaml
        create  themes/default/application.js
        create  themes/default/application.css

Great, it's created our two named CVs in the my_cv_project/cvs directory from a basic yaml template. Edit these yaml files with your own info (note: currently data is not actually read from these, that will change soon).

Once your done editing, start up the server:

$: vitae server my_cv_project
  Serving 2 CVs at from my_cv_project


Future plans

  1. All data read from the yaml files should be displayed sensibly.

  2. Vitae should com bundled with better default templates - CSS, JS and YAML.

  3. Support for multiple themes.

  4. The clever stuff

The clever stuff

Much like rubygems or git

Push a CV:

$: vitae push arthur_gunn  
  1 CV pushed
  CV available at

Pull a CV:

$: vitae pull sajal_shah  
  1 CV pulled
  2 themes pulled
  CV pulled to cvs/sajal_shah
  Theme pulled to themes/darkness
  Theme pulled to themes/espresso

Want to help?

Just the github usual for development - fork, commit, pull request, bonus points for tests. Have a play and report bugs, request features via the issue tracker.

Feel free to email me at [email protected]


Development by Arthur Gunn.

Thanks to Maxim Chernyak and Juriy Zaytsev for CSS used in the default theme.