Vitae is to CVs what rubygems is to ruby code.

It's also very under development right now, and not very useful yet. Come back soon!


First install the vitae gem:

$: sudo gem i vitae

Now lets create a new project called my_cv_project, with some named CVs:

$: vitae create my_cv_project arthur_gunn sajal_shah  
  creating my_cv_project...
        create  cvs/arthur_gunn.yaml
        create  cvs/sajal_shah.yaml
        create  themes/default/application.js
        create  themes/default/application.css

Great, it's created our two named CVs in the my_cv_project/cvs directory from a basic yaml template. Edit these yaml files with your own info (note: currently data is not actually read from these, that will change soon).

Once your done editing, start up the server:

$: vitae server my_cv_project
  Serving 2 CVs at from my_cv_project


Future plans

  1. All data read from the yaml files should be displayed sensibly.

  2. Vitae should com bundled with better default templates - CSS, JS and YAML.

  3. Support for multiple themes.

  4. The clever stuff

The clever stuff

Much like rubygems or git

Push a CV:

$: vitae push arthur_gunn  
  1 CV pushed
  CV available at

Pull a CV:

$: vitae pull sajal_shah  
  1 CV pulled
  2 themes pulled
  CV pulled to cvs/sajal_shah
  Theme pulled to themes/darkness
  Theme pulled to themes/espresso

Want to help?

Just the github usual for development - fork, commit, pull request, bonus points for tests. Have a play and report bugs, request features via the issue tracker.

Feel free to email me at


Development by Arthur Gunn.

Thanks to Maxim Chernyak and Juriy Zaytsev for CSS used in the default theme.