Provide a easy way to manage your plugin use vim plugin pathogen.

Get more detail reading my blog post: use git submodule keep your plugin up to date


gem install vim-jar


Init your environment

vim-jar init

It will check your whether your .vim path is git repo and install pathogen

Install partiqular plugin

vim-jar install PLUGIN_NAME

Update all plugins

vim-jar update

List all installed plguins

vim-jar list

List all avaliable plugin

vim-jar list

Import plugin to avaliable plugin list

vim-jar import GITHUB_URL

It will update your local plugin database, only support github repo now.

Uninstall plugin

vim-jar uninstall PLUGIN_NAME

Get help

vim-jar -h


  • Update installed plugins
  • Install from, autodetect vga, compressed plugin and folds.
  • Install theme
  • Preivew theme screeshot
  • Everyone contribute plugin source
  • Rank popular plugins
  • Category plugins


  • Git submodule error - I suggest re-install these plugins Like these

Unable to checkout 'e53a8582a4b1fcb664779bf598de9830cc8d4613' in submodule path 'bundle/vim-ruby' error: More than one value for the key submodule.bundle/rails.url: git://