vagrant-rake is a plugin for Vagrant which allows a developer to execute rake tasks on the host using the vagrant rake command and have them be invoked on the guest. This alleviates the need to SSH into the VM to simply run a rake task.

This gem is also a good example of how to create a proper Vagrant plugin.

NOTE: This plugin requires Vagrant 0.6 or later.

Installing / Getting Started

To use this plugin, first install Vagrant 0.6 or later. Next, install this gem:

gem install vagrant-rake

The vagrant rake command should now be available. To use it, simply pass use it as if you were running rake locally. The various ways to call the command is shown below:

vagrant rake db:migrate
vagrant rake build
vagrant rake test --cwd /some/other/directory

The plugin will auotomatically run your rake task on the VM, forwarding the output to you on the host.

You can also specify the default working directory for executed rake tasks in your Vagrantfile: do |config| = "/my/custom/directory"

Working with the Plugin Source

If you'd like to work with the plugin source (for learning purposes or to make a contribution), then clone out this repository, then run the test suite to verify everything is working:

git clone git://
cd vagrant-rake

Then bundle the environment to get the required gems, and run rake to verify that the test suite passes:

bundle install