Vagrant Packer plugin

What Is

Vagrant Packer plugin allows to compose Packer templates and run them using vagrant and Vagrantfile; it also helps using Chef as provisioner.


  • Install Vagrant
  • Install Packer (0.8.6+)
  • Install Vagrant Packer plugin curl -L --no-sessionid > ~/.vagrant.d/vagrant-packer-plugin-0.5.0.gem vagrant plugin install ~/.vagrant.d/vagrant-packer-plugin-0.5.0.gem


Define the following Vagrantfile and run vagrant up from the same folder

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
  config.packer_build.instance_templates = ["instance1.json","instance2.json"]
  config.packer_build.ks_template = ""

Type vagrant packer-build -h for more info on configuration.

Local testing

Build Vagrant Packer plugin locally

rm Gemfile.lock ; bundle ; rake build ; vagrant plugin install pkg/vagrant-packer-plugin-0.5.0.gem