Vagrant Libvirt Provider

This is a Vagrant 1.1+ plugin that adds an Libvirt provider to Vagrant, allowing Vagrant to control and provision machines via Libvirt toolkit.

Note: This plugin requires Vagrant 1.1+.


  • Upload of box image (qcow2 format) to Libvirt storage pool.
  • Volume creation as COW diff image for each new domain.
  • Create and boot Libvirt domains.
  • SSH into domains.
  • Provision domains with any built-in Vagrant provisioner.
  • Minimal synced folder support via rsync.


Install using standard Vagrant 1.1+ plugin installation methods. After installing, vagrant up and specify the libvirt provider. An example is shown below.

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-libvirt
$ vagrant up --provider=libvirt

Of course prior to doing this, you'll need to obtain an Libvirt-compatible box file for Vagrant.