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Vagrant Berkshelf is a Vagrant plugin that adds Berkshelf integration to the Chef provisioners. Vagrant Berkshelf will automatically download and install cookbooks onto the Vagrant Virtual Machine.

vagrant-berkshelf vs. Test Kitchen

This plugin was created before the development of Test Kitchen, which provides a much simpler and more robust cookbook testing experience. We highly recommend using Test Kitchen instead of Vagrant for your cookbook testing workflows and will not be further maintaining this project. If you are interested in maintaining this project see:

See Seth Vargo's blog post for additional information on Test Kitchen vs. Vagrant Berkshelf:


  1. Install the latest version of Vagrant
  2. Install the latest version of ChefDK
  3. Install the Vagrant Berkshelf plugin:
  $ vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf


If the Vagrant Berkshelf plugin is installed, it will intelligently detect when a Berksfile is present in the same working directory as the Vagrantfile.

Here is an example Vagrantfile configuration section for Vagrant Berkshelf:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
  # The path to the Berksfile to use. The default value is "Berksfile" if one
  # exists, or nil if it does not.
  config.berkshelf.berksfile_path = "custom.Berksfile"

  # Enable Berkshelf. If a Berksfile exists or a berksfile_path is given, this
  # value is automatically set to true. If not, the value is false
  config.berkshelf.enabled = true

  # A list of Berkshelf groups to only install and sync to the Vagrant Virtual
  # Machine. The default value is an empty array.
  config.berkshelf.only = ["group_a", "group_b"]

  # A list of Berkshelf groups to not install and sync to the Vagrant Virtual
  # Machine. The default value is an empty array.
  config.berkshelf.except = ["group_c", "group_d"]

  # A list of extra values to pass to the `berks` executable. The default value
  # is an empty array.
  config.berkshelf.args = ["--format json"]


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