Create AMIs from Vagrant EC2 boxes

This is a Vagrant 1.2+ plugin that adds a command to create AWS AMIs.

This plugin has a very short lifespan in terms of usefulness.

Technically this plugin is already superseded by Packer which is a more general solution for creating various types of machine images.

However, Packer does not yet have the same level of provisioner support enjoyed by Vagrant. Until then, I need a simple way to make AMIs based on Vagrant EC2 boxes provisioned with Puppet and Chef, which can be called easily from Jenkins.

NOTE: This plugin requires Vagrant 1.2+,


  • Create AMIs from Vagrant-managed EC2 instances
  • Assign tags to newly-created AMIs


Install using standard Vagrant 1.1+ plugin installation methods. After bringing up an AwS instance issue the command to create the AMI as shown below.

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-ami
$ vagrant up --provider=aws
$ vagrant create_ami --name my-ami --desc "My AMI" --tags role=test,environment=dev
$ vagrant destroy

vagrant-ami relies heavily on vagrant-aws, and reuses all of its configuration settings.