The library helps you extracting some metadata out of HTML URLs.



% gem install url_info_extractor

require 'url_info_extractor'
infos = UrlInfoExtractor.new('http://rubygems.org')
puts infos.title
# RubyGems.org | your community gem host
puts infos.favicon_url
# http://rubygems.org/favicon.ico
puts infos.favicon_exists?
# true
puts infos.description

Note that the favicon handling determines the URL by link-rel-icon tag and base tag. favicon_exists? does an HTTP HEAD request to check whether the icon is available at the determined path.

Fork me!

If you find this library useful but miss some feature, please drop me a note or - even better - fork the project at GitHub. Along with some specs I'll accept your pull requests.

Author and license

  • Florian Dütsch (mail AT florian-duetsch.de)
  • MIT, see LICENSE file.