url-status is a gem to check the http status of a list of urls.

check a list of urls

The urls can be provided as command line options, or they can come from a config file.

# list of urls to check simply given as command line options
# if no protocol is given, http is assumed
url-status google.com https://facebook.com

# pull the urls from the config file instead
url-status --config ./site-list.yaml

The YAML file should be a simple array of the urls to check:

- ssrs.reednj.com
- paint.reednj.com
- popacular.com/home
- gigatweeter.com

If any of the urls fail, then the gem will return a status code of 1, allowing other action to be taken.


$ gem install --user-install url-status


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.