This is the Uploadcare widget source.

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Add following code to your document's <head>.

  // Widget settings
  UPLOADCARE_PUBLIC_KEY = 'your_public_key';
<script src=""></script>

The official Widget documentation has more information on using the widget itself.

Building Your Own

You need a working Ruby 1.9.3 environment with Bundler.

  • bundle install to get build dependencies.
  • bundle exec rake js:latest:build to build assets to the pkg/latest directory (with the “latest” suffix).
  • bundle exec rake js:release:build to build assets to the pkg/version folder (with the current version suffix). The version is specified in lib/uploadcare-widget/version.rb.


Clone the repository, and go to test/dummy/. There is a simple Rails app. Run it:

bundle install
bundle update
bundle exec rails server

Open . Follow any link. There's going to be a widget or three. Edit code and reload page :-)


Jasminerice installed under the test/dummy/ Rails app.

To run tests in your browser go to

For more information see jasminerice docs.


To run tests in a terminal you must first install phantomjs.

Then you have two options:

  • run bundle exec guard start
  • run bundle exec guard-jasmine

The first one is for continuous tests execution, the second one runs tests just once. Both should be executed from the test/dummy/ directory.

See guard-jasmine docs for more information.