Unveil.js for Rails

This gem will help you get started with unveil.js rather quickly.


Add the gem:

gem 'unveil-rails', '~> 0.1.0'

Install the assets:

bin/rails g unveil:rails:install

Include the asset in your JS:

//= require unveil_init

Now use the helper method whereever you want lazy images:

<%= lazy_image_tag('an-image.png') %>
<%= lazy_image_tag('an-image.png', retina: 'a-retina-image.png') %>
<%= lazy_image_tag('an-image.png', placeholder: 'placeholder.png') %>


The installation generator will have added an initializer to your application. In this file there are a couple of settings you can change.


Unveil::Rails.config.threshold = 200

Setting this variable to an integer will set the unveil threshold setting as documented here.

Default placeholder

You may set an alternative default placeholder image:

Unveil::Rails.config.default_placeholder = 'default.jpg'

You can set the placeholder per lazy image by passing in the placeholder option:

<%= lazy_image_tag('an-image.png', placeholder: 'placeholder.png') %>



Developed and maintained by Made Tech. Key contributions:


Copyright © 2014 Made Tech Ltd. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.