UltraDNS updater for public instances


This gem provides the capability to update your UltraDNS configured CNAME or A record to point to instance public hostnames or IP address respectively.
Strategies for updating sources include EC2 and VPC.



  • Ruby & Ruby developer packages needed for nokugiri dependencies (Ubuntu example)

    sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.3 libopenssl-ruby
    sudo apt-get install libxslt1-dev libxml2-dev

    gem install ultradns_updater



  1. Configure an EC2 instance tag with the name 'Name' and the (fqdn) value of the CNAME to set for the instance 1a. If there is no public hostname for the instance (as in VPC), an A record will be created using the interface configured (next step)
  2. Create a YAML configuration (see: config/sample.config.yaml)
  3. Run: ultradns_updater -c /etc/ultradns_updater_config.yaml


You can utilize a hostname as the source name (fqdn) to set in ultradns through the configuration file. see: config/sample.config.yaml

Explicitly Configured

Another option is to explicitly configure the (fqdn) name of the instance to map to an interface IP address. see: config/sample.config.yaml


Output the name used as the CNAME like so: ultradns_updater -c /etc/ultradns_updater_config.yaml -o /tmp/hostname.fqdn


UltraDNS support is not implied or guaranteed by use of this project. We will happily take patches or pull requests and address issues as much as possible.