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uirusu is an Virustotal automation and convenience tool for hash, file and URL submission.

The current version is 1.1.0.



% gem install uirusu
% uirusu [options]

Create your configuration file

% uirusu --create-config

Edit your configuration file with API key

% $EDITOR ~/.uirusu

Alternatively you can set Environment variables without a config file



Searching a file of hashes

% uirusu -f <file_with_hashes_one_per_line>

Searching a single hash

% uirusu -h FD287794107630FA3116800E617466A9

Searching a file of hashes and outputting to XML

% uirusu -f <file_with_hashes_one_per_line> -x

Upload a file to Virustotal and wait for analysis

% uirusu -u </path/to/file>

Search for a single URL

% uirusu -s "http://www.google.com"

Saving results to a file

% uirusu -s "http://www.google.com" --yaml-output > file.yaml

Scan a directory and have them searched and save the results as json

% uirusu -d /bin/ --json-output > file.json

API Usage

#First you need to include the correct require files
require 'uirusu'


hash = "FD287794107630FA3116800E617466A9" #Hash for a version of Poison Ivy
url = "http://www.google.com"
comment = "Hey this is Poison Ivy, anyone have a copy of this binary?"

#To query a hash(sha1/sha256/md5)
results = Uirusu::VTFile.query_report(API_KEY, hash)
result = Uirusu::VTResult.new(hash, results)
print result.to_stdout if result != nil

#To scan for a url
results = Uirusu::VTUrl.query_report(API_KEY, url)
result = Uirusu::VTResult.new(url, results)
print result.to_stdout if result != nil

#To post a comment to a resource(url/hash/scan_id)
results = Uirusu::VTComment.post_comment(API_KEY, hash, comment)
print results if results != nil

Private API Support

Private API support is supported by the gem, but is not yet supported in the CLI application.


  • Details on the private API can be found here
  • Optional parameters can be sent to the method calls as named parameters (see VTFile#query_report below)
  • #feed and #false_positive are currently not supported, as they require a special API key


Below are some examples specific to the private API.

# Search for a hash and get additional metadata
Uirusu::VTFile.query_report(API_KEY, hash, allinfo: 1)

# Get a file upload URL for larger files

# Submit a file with a callback URL
Uirusu::VTFile.scan_file(API_KEY, filepath, notify_url: 'http://requestb.in/117n0hb1')

# Request a behavioural report on a hash
Uirusu::VTFile.behaviour(API_KEY, hash)

# Request a network traffic report on a hash
Uirusu::VTFile.network_traffic(API_KEY, hash)
Domains and IPs

# Get a report for a domain
Uirusu::VTDomain.query_report(API_KEY, domain)

# Get a report for an IP address
Uirusu::VTIPAddr.query_report(API_KEY, ip)


Uirusu is licensed under the MIT license see the LICENSE file for the full license.


You can reach the team at jacob.hammack[@]hammackj[dot]com, http://www.hammackj.com, or contact hammackj