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Robust HTTP client, tailored by Twingly.

Getting Started

Install the gem:

gem install twingly-http

Example "one-liner" usage:

ruby -rlogger -rtwingly/http -e '\
    logger =; logger.level = :INFO; \
    puts logger, \
    base_user_agent: "").get("").status'

Example irb usage:

irb -rlogger -rtwingly/http
logger =; logger.level = :INFO
client = logger, base_user_agent: "")


The tests require Toxiproxy

docker-compose up

Run tests with

bundle exec rake

Release workflow

  • Bump the version in lib/twingly/version.rb in a commit, no need to push (the release task does that).

  • Ensure you are signed in to as twingly with gem signin.

  • Build and publish the gem. This will create the proper tag in git, push the commit and tag and upload to RubyGems.

    bundle exec rake release
  • Update the changelog with GitHub Changelog Generator (gem install github_changelog_generator if you don't have it, set CHANGELOG_GITHUB_TOKEN to a personal access token to avoid rate limiting by GitHub). This command will update You need to commit and push manually.