Twilio Gem

The Twilio gem provides two major pieces of functionality: (1) a Ruby wrapper for the Twilio REST API and (2) response handlers based on the Twilio Markup XML (TwiML).

See for Twilio's API documentation.

Calling the Twilio REST API

First set your credentials by calling the connect method:

Twilio.connect('my_twilio_sid', 'my_auth_token')

Now call any of the Twilio classes:

Twilio::Call.make('1234567890', '9876543210', '')

Responding to Twilio

When Twilio calls your application URL, your response must use the Twilio Markup XML ( The Twilio gem makes this very easy by providing a Twilio Verb class.

For example, in a Ruby on Rails application, you could do the following inside a controller class:

Twilio::Verb.dial '415-123-4567'

and you can nest multiple verbs inside a block:

verb = { |v|
  v.say "The time is #{}"


gem install twilio


  1. Run 'bundle' from the command line to install dependencies

  2. Write test(s) for your patch

  3. Submit a pull request

Note: don't require 'rubygems' in any file (


  • Currently using RSpec

  • Tested with REE 1.8.7, MRI 1.9.2, MRI 1.9.3, and JRuby 1.6.5

Copyright Phil Misiowiec, Webficient LLC. See LICENSE for details.


  • Kyle Daigle

  • Yuri Gadow

  • Kyle Humberto

  • Vlad Moskovets

  • Jonathan Rudenberg

  • Mark Turner

  • Jeff Wigal

  • Alex K Wolfe