TunnlrConnector is a plugin to make connecting to the Tunnlr service easy an painless.

It requires the net::ssh v2 plugin. To install, execute

gem install –source gems.jamisbuck.org net-ssh

To run autoconfigure, it also requires the highline gem which is installed as part of capistrano.


Rails 2

Add the gem to config/development.rb

config.gem 'tunnlr_connector', :lib => false

And add the following to the end of Rakefile

  require 'tunnlr'
  Tunnlr.load_tasks if defined?(Tunnlr)
rescue LoadError => loaderror
  $stderr.puts %{Couldn't load tunnlr}

Rails 3

Add the gem to the development group of your Gemfile

gem 'tunnlr_connector', :require => false

That’s it!


To autoconfigure, run

rake tunnlr:configure

and enter the email address and password associated with your tunnlr account.

To create a tunnel, run

rake tunnlr:start

Questions or problems? Contact [email protected]

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