tumblr (setup|write|read|authenticate|check-vimeo|check-audio) [options]+


tumblr.rb is a command line utility and library which interfaces to the
excellent tumblr blogging platform @

tumblr.rb implements the complete restful api in both library and
command line utility, doccumented in full @

=== install ===

  gem install tumblr

=== cli ===

  the cli exactly mirrors the library api.  arguments are passed to each
  method as 'key=val' pairs, values may be read from files using the
  syntax 'key=file=val' or 'key==val'

  you should first cache your login info to avoid having to pass it everytime

    cfp: ~> tumblr setup --email=my_email --password=my_password --name=drawohara

  you can post

    cfp: ~> tumblr write regular title=testing body=rock_on

  you can post from files

    cfp: ~> tumblr write regular title=slurp body==./post.html

  you can read

    cfp: ~> tumblr read start=42 num=42 

  you can delete a post

      cfp: ~> tumblr delete post-id=42

  you can test the auth

    cfp: ~> tumblr authenticate


=== api ===

  it's pretty simple.  here's a start, use the web docs to figure out the

    config = {
      :email => my_email,
      :password => my_password,
      :name => 'drawohara'

    tumblr = Tumblr.for config

    abort unless tumblr.uri == ''

    response = tumblr.write :regular, :title = title, :body => body

    video = open 'video.mpg'
    response = tumblr.write :video, :data => video, :title => video.path 

    response = :start => 42, :num => 42
    xml = response.content

    response = :start => 42, :num => 42, :json => true
    json = response.content


--name=name, -n (0 ~> name) 
--email=email, -e (0 ~> email) 
--password=password, -p (0 ~> password) 
--debug, -d 
--json, -j 
--help, -h