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Rewritten from scratch


  • parsing xml file instead of php serialized string
  • storing in database instead of text file
  • requesting by rake task instead of checking on every page load
  • customizable rails friendly erb templates


Include the gem in your Gemfile:

gem 'trustlink'

Preparing db

  • rails g trustlink:migration
  • rake db:migrate

Generating config

  • create config/trustlink.yml yml key: _YOUR_TRUSTLINK_HASH_ domain: encoding: UTF-8

Simply put helper call in desired place. Like this:

<%= trustlink_links -%>
  • rake trustlink:fetch

Run it by cron or use whenever gem or something other way you like.

Customizing templates (optional)

  • rails g trustlink:views

Templates will be copied to views/trustlink folder.


  • In _link.html.erb first and last string inserting trustlink code recognized by trustlink bots. It should not be removed. Also important to levae url untouched.
  • By default no style included. You can use styles extracted from trustlink's template. Just replace class to 'ads' used by default or use your own.
  • Multi-domain feature currently not supported. Ask if you need this feature.

For more information please follow


This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE. Copyright © 2014 Artyom Nikolaev and Trustlink