Trinidad daemon

Trinidad's daemon library based on Apache Commons Daemon and JRuby-jsvc.

It should replace the daemon_extension in a near future due to the problem we are finding with the current forking process.


When the gem is installed the user must launch the installation process:

$ jruby -S trinidad_daemon_install

This installer guides you through the configuration process and generates a init.d script if you are on a unix system or creates the service if you are on a windows box.



The Jsvc native binary file is required, but it's already available for all the
platforms supported as a bundled package, i.e:

        $ sudo apt-get install jsvc
    Mac OS X:
        $ brew install jsvc

Those binaries are also available in the Apache distribution directory, if
you install it from this directory you must ensure it's in your path:


When the installation process finishes you can use the script
generated to launch the server as a daemon with the options start|stop|restart,

    $ /etc/init.d/trinidad restart



Open the `Services` panel under `Administrative Tools` and look for a
service called `Trinidad`.


Copyright © 2011 David Calavera<>. See LICENSE for details.