TreezorClient - the Ruby gem for the Treezor

Treezor API. more info here.

This SDK is automatically generated by the Swagger Codegen project:

  • API version: 0.1.1
  • Package version: 1.0.0
  • Build package: io.swagger.codegen.languages.RubyClientCodegen


Build a gem

To build the Ruby code into a gem:

gem build treezor_client.gemspec

Then either install the gem locally:

gem install ./treezor_client-1.0.0.gem

(for development, run gem install --dev ./treezor_client-1.0.0.gem to install the development dependencies)

or publish the gem to a gem hosting service, e.g. RubyGems.

Finally add this to the Gemfile:

gem 'treezor_client', '~> 1.0.0'

Install from Git

If the Ruby gem is hosted at a git repository:, then add the following in the Gemfile:

gem 'treezor_client', :git => ''

Include the Ruby code directly

Include the Ruby code directly using -I as follows:

ruby -Ilib script.rb

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following code:

# Load the gem
require 'treezor_client'

# Setup authorization
TreezorClient.configure do |config|
  # Configure API key authorization: api_key
  config.api_key['Authorization'] = 'YOUR API KEY'
  # Uncomment the following line to set a prefix for the API key, e.g. 'Bearer' (defaults to nil)
  #config.api_key_prefix['Authorization'] = 'Bearer'

api_instance =

opts = { 
  access_signature: 'access_signature_example', # String | Access signature can be mandatory for specific context. Treezor will contact you if so. More info [here]( 
  access_tag: 'access_tag_example', # String | Access tag is used for idem potency query. More info [here]( 
  access_user_id: 56, # Integer | Access user's id is used for user's action restriction. More info [here]( 
  access_user_ip: 'access_user_ip_example', # String | Access user's ip is used for user's action restriction. More info [here]( 
  wallet_id: 56, # Integer | Wallet's ID of wanted balance
  user_id: 56 # Integer | Wallet's user id of wanted balanced

  #search balances
  result = api_instance.get_balances(opts)
  p result
rescue TreezorClient::ApiError => e
  puts "Exception when calling BalanceApi->get_balances: #{e}"

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
TreezorClient::BalanceApi get_balances GET /balances search balances
TreezorClient::BankaccountApi delete_bankaccount DELETE /bankaccounts/id deactivate a bank account
TreezorClient::BankaccountApi get_bankaccount GET /bankaccounts/id get a bank account
TreezorClient::BankaccountApi get_bankaccounts GET /bankaccounts search bank accounts
TreezorClient::BankaccountApi post_bankaccount POST /bankaccounts create a bank account
TreezorClient::BeneficiariesApi get_beneficiaries GET /beneficiaries search beneficiary bank accounts
TreezorClient::BeneficiariesApi get_beneficiary GET /beneficiaries/id get a beneficiary bank account
TreezorClient::BeneficiariesApi post_beneficiary POST /beneficiaries create a beneficiary
TreezorClient::BeneficiariesApi put_beneficiary PUT /beneficiaries/id edit a beneficiary
TreezorClient::BusinessApi businessinformations_get GET /businessinformations get business information
TreezorClient::BusinessApi businesssearchs_get GET /businesssearchs search businesses
TreezorClient::CardApi cardimages_get GET /cardimages get a card image
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_create_virtual_post POST /cards/CreateVirtual create a virtual card
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_get GET /cards search cards
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_id_activate_put PUT /cards/id/Activate/ activate a card
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_id_change_pin_put PUT /cards/id/ChangePIN/ change card's PIN
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_id_convert_virtual_put PUT /cards/id/ConvertVirtual/ convert card to virtual
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_id_delete DELETE /cards/id deactivate a card
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_id_get GET /cards/id get a card
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_id_limits_put PUT /cards/id/Limits/ update card's limits
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_id_lock_unlock_put PUT /cards/id/LockUnlock/ update card's blocking status
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_id_options_put PUT /cards/id/Options/ update card's options
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_id_put PUT /cards/id update card informations
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_id_regenerate_put PUT /cards/id/Regenerate/ regenerate card
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_id_set_pin_put PUT /cards/id/setPIN/ set card's PIN
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_id_unblock_pin_put PUT /cards/id/UnblockPIN/ unblock card's PIN
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_register3_ds_post POST /cards/Register3DS Register 3D secure
TreezorClient::CardApi cards_request_physical_post POST /cards/RequestPhysical create a physical card
TreezorClient::CardDigitalizationsApi card_digitalizations_id GET /cardDigitalizations/id Get a card digitalizations based on its internal id
TreezorClient::CardDigitalizationsApi deletecard_digitalizations_id DELETE /cardDigitalizations/id Deletes a payment Token
TreezorClient::CardDigitalizationsApi putcard_digitalizations_id PUT /cardDigitalizations/id Update the status of a payment Token
TreezorClient::CardDigitalizationsApi readcard_digitalizations GET /cardDigitalizations search for card digitalizations
TreezorClient::CardReserveApi card_reserve_add_to POST /cardReserves/AddTo add an amount to the reserved amount of a card
TreezorClient::CardReserveApi card_reserve_check POST /cardReserves/Check check reserved amount
TreezorClient::CardReserveApi card_reserve_get GET /cardReserves/id get the reserved amount of a card
TreezorClient::CardtransactionApi get_cardtransaction GET /cardtransactions/id get a card transaction
TreezorClient::CardtransactionApi read_card_transaction GET /cardtransactions search for card transactions
TreezorClient::CountryRestrictionGroupsApi delete_country_restriction_groups DELETE /countryRestrictionGroups/id cancel a country group
TreezorClient::CountryRestrictionGroupsApi get_country_restriction_groups GET /countryRestrictionGroups search country restriction groups
TreezorClient::CountryRestrictionGroupsApi get_country_restriction_groups_id GET /countryRestrictionGroups/id get a country group
TreezorClient::CountryRestrictionGroupsApi post_country_restriction_group POST /countryRestrictionGroups create a countryRestrictionGroup
TreezorClient::CountryRestrictionGroupsApi put_country_restriction_groups PUT /countryRestrictionGroups/id edit a country restriction group
TreezorClient::DocumentApi create_documents POST /documents create a document
TreezorClient::DocumentApi delete_document DELETE /documents/id delete document
TreezorClient::DocumentApi get_document GET /documents/id get a document
TreezorClient::DocumentApi get_documents GET /documents search documents
TreezorClient::DocumentApi put_document PUT /documents/id update a document
TreezorClient::HeartbeatApi get_heartbeat GET /heartbeats Get the status of the API
TreezorClient::IssuerInitiatedDigitizationDataApi tav_request_post POST /issuerInitiatedDigitizationDatas Request the issuerInitiatedDigitizationData
TreezorClient::IssuerInitiatedDigitizationDataApi tavrequestget GET /issuerInitiatedDigitizationDatas Search issuerInitiatedDigitizationData requests
TreezorClient::MandateApi delete_mandate DELETE /mandates/id revoke a mandate
TreezorClient::MandateApi get_mandate GET /mandates/id get mandate
TreezorClient::MandateApi get_mandates GET /mandates search mandates
TreezorClient::MandateApi mandates_id_resend_otp_put PUT /mandates/id/ResendOtp/ send an OTP
TreezorClient::MandateApi mandates_id_sign_put PUT /mandates/id/Sign/ sign a mandate
TreezorClient::MandateApi post_mandates POST /mandates create a mandate
TreezorClient::MccRestrictionGroupsApi delete_mcc_restriction_groups DELETE /mccRestrictionGroups/id cancel a mcc group
TreezorClient::MccRestrictionGroupsApi get_mcc_restriction_groups GET /mccRestrictionGroups search mcc restriction groups
TreezorClient::MccRestrictionGroupsApi get_mcc_restriction_groups_id GET /mccRestrictionGroups/id get a mcc group
TreezorClient::MccRestrictionGroupsApi post_mcc_restriction_group POST /mccRestrictionGroups create a mccRestrictionGroup
TreezorClient::MccRestrictionGroupsApi put_mcc_restriction_groups PUT /mccRestrictionGroups/id edit a mcc restriction group
TreezorClient::MerchantIdRestrictionGroupsApi delete_merchant_id_restriction_groups DELETE /merchantIdRestrictionGroups/id cancel a merchant id restriction group
TreezorClient::MerchantIdRestrictionGroupsApi get_merchant_id_restriction_group GET /merchantIdRestrictionGroups search merchant id restriction groups
TreezorClient::MerchantIdRestrictionGroupsApi get_merchant_id_restriction_groups_id GET /merchantIdRestrictionGroups/id get a merchant ID restriction group
TreezorClient::MerchantIdRestrictionGroupsApi post_merchant_id_restriction_group POST /merchantIdRestrictionGroups create a merchantIdRestrictionGroup
TreezorClient::MerchantIdRestrictionGroupsApi put_merchant_id_restriction_groups PUT /merchantIdRestrictionGroups/id edit a merchant id restriction group
TreezorClient::PayinApi delete_payin DELETE /payins/id delete a pay in
TreezorClient::PayinApi get_payin GET /payins/id get a pay in
TreezorClient::PayinApi get_payins GET /payins search pay ins
TreezorClient::PayinApi post_payin POST /payins create a pay in
TreezorClient::PayinrefundApi delete_payinrefund DELETE /payinrefunds/id cancel a pay in refund
TreezorClient::PayinrefundApi get_payinrefund GET /payinrefunds/id get a pay in refund
TreezorClient::PayinrefundApi get_payinrefunds GET /payinrefunds search pay in refunds
TreezorClient::PayinrefundApi post_payinrefunds POST /payinrefunds create a pay in refund
TreezorClient::PayoutApi delete_payout DELETE /payouts/id cancel a payout
TreezorClient::PayoutApi get_payout GET /payouts/id get a payout
TreezorClient::PayoutApi get_payouts GET /payouts search payout(s)
TreezorClient::PayoutApi post_payout POST /payouts create a pay out
TreezorClient::PayoutRefundsApi get_payout_refunds GET /payoutRefunds search pay outs refund
TreezorClient::TaxResidenceApi tax_residences_get GET /taxResidences search a residence
TreezorClient::TaxResidenceApi tax_residences_id_delete DELETE /taxResidences/id delete a residence
TreezorClient::TaxResidenceApi tax_residences_id_get GET /taxResidences/id read the informations of a residence
TreezorClient::TaxResidenceApi tax_residences_id_put PUT /taxResidences/id update the residence
TreezorClient::TaxResidenceApi tax_residences_post POST /taxResidences create a residence
TreezorClient::TransactionApi get_transaction GET /transactions/id get a transaction
TreezorClient::TransactionApi get_transactions GET /transactions search transactions
TreezorClient::TransferApi delete_transfer DELETE /transfers/id cancel a transfer
TreezorClient::TransferApi get_transfer GET /transfers/id get a transfer
TreezorClient::TransferApi get_transfers GET /transfers search transfers
TreezorClient::TransferApi post_transfers POST /transfers create a transfer
TreezorClient::TransferrefundApi delete_transferrefund DELETE /transferrefunds/id cancel a transfer refund
TreezorClient::TransferrefundApi get_transferrefund GET /transferrefunds/id get a transfer refund
TreezorClient::TransferrefundApi get_transferrefunds GET /transferrefunds search transfer refunds
TreezorClient::TransferrefundApi post_transferrefunds POST /transferrefunds create a transfer refund
TreezorClient::UserApi delete_user DELETE /users/id delete a user
TreezorClient::UserApi get_user GET /users/id get an user
TreezorClient::UserApi get_users GET /users search users
TreezorClient::UserApi put_user PUT /users/id update a user
TreezorClient::UserApi put_users POST /users create user
TreezorClient::UserApi users_id_kycreview_put PUT /users/id/Kycreview/ review user information
TreezorClient::VirtualibansApi getvirtualiban GET /virtualibans/id get a virtualiban by Id
TreezorClient::VirtualibansApi getvirtualibans GET /virtualibans search virtualibans
TreezorClient::VirtualibansApi post_virtual_iban POST /virtualibans create a virtual IBAN
TreezorClient::VirtualibansApi put_virtual_iban PUT /virtualibans/id update a Virtual IBAN
TreezorClient::WalletApi delete_wallet DELETE /wallets/id delete a wallet
TreezorClient::WalletApi get_wallet GET /wallets/id get a wallet
TreezorClient::WalletApi get_wallets GET /wallets search wallets
TreezorClient::WalletApi post_wallets POST /wallets create a wallet
TreezorClient::WalletApi put_wallet PUT /wallets/id update a wallet

Documentation for Models

Documentation for Authorization


  • Type: API key
  • API key parameter name: Authorization
  • Location: HTTP header