Travis CLI

Deployment tool for Travis CI

Currently supports the following commands:

$ travis deploy [remote] # deploy to remote
$ travis config [remote] # sync the local config file from travis-keychain and push the config to remote

The tool relies on git remotes being defined in .git/config. So, in order to deploy to production there needs to be a production remote repository defined in the git config.


Deploying to staging will just push to staging and run the migrations if -m was given. One can also pass -c in order to configure the app.

Deploying to production.
$ git push staging HEAD:master
Running migrations.
$ heroku run rake db:migrate -r staging

Deploying to production will also update the production branch and tag the current commit.

Updating production branch.
$ git checkout production
$ git reset --hard master
$ git push origin production -f
Tagging deploy 2011-12-11 16:04.
$ git tag -a 'deploy.2011-12-11.16-04' -m 'deploy 2011-12-11 16:04'
$ git push --tags
$ git checkout master
Deploying to production.
$ git push production HEAD:master -f
Running migrations.
$ heroku run rake db:migrate -r production


The production branch is updated using git reset --hard [branch] and pushed using git push origin production -f.

That means that all commits in the production branch that are not present in the target branch (e.g. master) will be removed from the history of production.

So never commit to the production branch directly!