Other traject command-line commands

The traject command line supporst a few other miscellaneous commands with the "-x command" switch. The usual traject command line is actually the process command, traject -x process ... is the same as leaving out the -x process.


traject -x commit will send a 'commit' message to the Solr server specified in setting solr.url. Other parts of configuration will be ignored, but don't hurt.

traject -x commit -s solr.url=http://some.com/solr

Or with a config file that includes a solr.url setting:

traject -x commit -c config_file.rb


The marcout command will skip all processing/mapping, and simply serialize marc out to a file stream.

This is mainly useful when you're using a custom reader to read marc from a database or something, but could also be used to convert marc from one format to another or something.

Will write to stdout, or set the output_file setting (-o shortcut).

Set the marcout.type setting to 'xml' or 'binary' for type of output. Or to human for human readable display of marc (that is not meant for machine readability, but can be good for manual diagnostics.)

If outputing type binary, setting marcout.allow_oversized to true or false (boolean or string), to pass that to the MARC::Writer. If set to true, then oversized MARC records can still be serialized, with length bytes zero'd out -- technically illegal, but can be read by MARC::Reader in permissive mode.

If you have MARC-XML input, you need to set the marc_source.type setting to XML for xml input.

traject -x marcout somefile.marc -o output.xml -s marcout.type=xml
traject -x marcout -s marc_source.type=xml somefile.xml -c configuration.rb