Trac Wiki Exporter


Exports wiki pages in Trac as HTML pages organized in categories for easy local viewing.


$ [sudo] gem install trac-export-wiki


To use this script, you need to create a config.yaml file that tells the exporter which pages you want to export under which categories. You can see a sample config.yaml file in the "examples" directory. Once you've created your configuration file, you can call the script with:

$ trac-export-wiki config.yaml

This will download the wiki pages from your site into your current directory. If you want to put your files in a docs directory, make sure to cd there first:

$ mkdir docs
$ cd docs
$ trac-export-wiki ../config.yaml

You can specify some parameters on the command-line, see trac-export-wiki --help for a list of options. Specifically, you may want to only regenerate the index page, or not generate the index page. This is done with -i or -n respectively.

License & Author

This library is written by Loren Segal and released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file attached with this archive.