A simple command line Pomodoro tracker for OSX.

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Tomato Paste is a very basic Pomodoro timer and it's pretty much a literal implementation of the technique's "Underlying principles" as described on Wikipedia.

Tomato Paste's Pomodoro cycle is as follows:

  • Prompts you to title the task you plan to complete
  • Start a timer for 25 minutes
  • Once the main timer is done a visual and audio notification fires
  • A short-break timer is started for 5 minutes
  • Notifications fire once the break is over
  • You're asked if you wish to do another Pomodoro
  • After 4 Pomodori have been completed, a 20 minute break is enforced
  • Repeat!



$ gem install tomato_paste


After installing the gem just run tomatopaste from a terminal.


I wrote this gem for fun and I would love any constructive feedback!

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