Method: ActiveRecord::Base.manage_with_tolaria

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.manage_with_tolaria(using: {}) ⇒ Object

Register a model with Tolaria and allow administrators to manage it in the admin interface. Accepts one named parameter, using which should be a Hash of options below.


  • :category - The navigation category to use for this resource. Should be one of the configured labels in Tolaria.config.menu_categories. The default is "Settings".
  • :priority - The priority for this item in its menu category. Items with lower priority are sorted first. The default is 10.
  • :icon - The Font Awesome icon to use for this model. Should be one of the names on the Font Awesome site The default is "file-o".
  • :permitted_params - A array of parameter names to pass to params.permit() for this model/form. The default is an empty array. You will need to set this option to match the fields you included on your admin form.
  • :default_order - The default order() for sorting this model when no other sorting is happening. The default is "id DESC".
  • :paginated - If true, Tolaria will apply the default pagination controls/system to the model. Set to false to disable. The default is true.
  • :allowed_actions - The router actions to draw for this model. Only set this value yourself if you are overriding or forbidding some route construction. Tolaria will pass this array as the only: option to the router. The default includes all CRUD actions: [:index, :show, :new, :create, :edit, :update, :destroy]
  • :navigation_label - By default, Tolaria will label buttons, headers, and other view elements for this model using the string obtained from self.model_name.human.pluralize.titleize. This setting provides an override label that Tolaria will use instead.


class BlogPost < ActiveRecord::Base
  manage_with_tolaria using: {
    icon: "file-o",
    category: "Settings",
    priority: 5,
    permit_params: [

# File 'lib/tolaria/active_record.rb', line 58

def self.manage_with_tolaria(using:{})
  @tolaria_management_options = using
  if Tolaria.safe_management