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Agent for Event Data service. Extracts links to ORCID IDs and DOIs not from DataCite from DataCite metadata, and pushes them to the other services.

Installation and use

gem install toccatore
toccatore datacite_related --push_url --access_token abc

Or run as Docker container

docker run datacite/toccatore toccatore datacite_related --push_url --access_token abc


We use rspec for unit testing:

bundle exec rspec

Follow along via Github Issues.

Note on Patches/Pull Requests

  • Fork the project
  • Write tests for your new feature or a test that reproduces a bug
  • Implement your feature or make a bug fix
  • Do not mess with Rakefile, version or history
  • Commit, push and make a pull request. Bonus points for topical branches.


toccatore is released under the MIT License.