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This gem convert 'true' and 'false' from string class to collectively TrueClass and FalseClass.

How to Install

gem install to-bool


Success case

You can convert by 'to_bool' method.

'true'.to_bool => TrueClass
'false'.to_bool => FalseClass

In case of already Boolean Type, this method return as it is.

true.to_bool => TrueClass
false.to_bool => FalseClass

Error Case

  • This gems sendback Error for other Object without True/False/String.
  • This gems sendback Error for irregular string type(not equal 'true' or 'false') ~~~~ 'truetrue'.to_bool => ArgumentError ''.to_bool => ArgumentError nil.to_bool => NoMethodError ~~~~


If you would like to contribute, please...

  1. Fork.
  2. Make changes in a branch & add unit tests.
  3. Run Unit Test ~~~~ rspec spec/to_bool_spec.rb ~~~~
  4. Create a pull request.

Contributions, improvements, comments and suggestions are welcome!


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.