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An XML markup language for generating Tk user-interfaces. It was inspired by GTK's glade format. The TkXML format defines a very simple one-to-one correlation to the Ruby Tk API.


Here's an example.xml TkXML file:

<Tk:Root name="test" title="Test">
  <Tk:Frame name="menuframe">
    <Tk:Menubutton name="filebutton" text="File" underline="0">
      <Tk:Menu name="filemenu" tearoff="false">
        <Tk:_add _1="command" label="Open" underline="0" accel="Ctrl+O" command="openDocument" />
        <Tk:_add _1="command" label="Exit" underline="0" accel="Ctrl+Q" command="exitApplication" />
      <Tk:_pack side="left" />
    <Tk:_pack side="left" />
  <Tk:_bind _1="Control-o" _2="openDocument" />
  <Tk:_bind _1="Control-q" _2="exitApplication" />

To use the library:

require 'tkxml'

tkxml ='example.xml'))


At this point, TkXML is little more than an interesting experiment in encoding GUIs via markup. But it may well have the potential of becoming a productive tool if someone were inclined to further it's development.


An interesting side note. TkXML is the oldest bit of redistributed Ruby code your humble author had ever writ.


Copyright © 2002 Rubyworks

TkXML is distributable in accordance with the BSD-2-Clause license.

See NOTICE.rdoc for details.