= Tinder - get the Campfire started

Tinder is a library for interfacing with Campfire, the chat application from 37Signals. Unlike Marshmallow, it is designed to be a full-featured API (since 37Signals doesn't provide a real one), allowing you to programatically manage and speak/listen in chat rooms.

== Usage

campfire = Campfire.new 'mysubdomain'
campfire.login '[email protected]', 'mypassword'
room = campfire.create_room 'New Room', 'My new campfire room to test tinder'
room.rename 'New Room Name'
room.speak 'Hello world!'
room.paste "my pasted\ncode"

See the RDoc for more details.

== Requirements

* Active Support
gem install activesupport
* Hpricot
gem install hpricot

== Installation

Tinder can be installed as a gem or a Rails plugin:

gem install tinder

script/plugin install http://source.collectiveidea.com/public/tinder/trunk

== Development

The source for Tinder is available at http://source.collectiveidea.com/public/tinder/trunk. Development can be followed at http://opensoul.org/tags/tinder. Contributions are welcome!

== ToDo

* Tests! (unit and remote)
* Log in via guest url
* Marshmallow-style integration scripts for exception notification and continuous integration