This is a provider for ticketmaster. It provides interoperability with Rally and it's project planning system through the ticketmaster gem.

Usage and Examples

First we have to instantiate a new ticketmaster instance, your Rally installation should have api access enable:

  rally = TicketMaster.new(:rally, {:username=> 'foo', 
                                    :password => "bar", 
                                    :url => "https://community.rallydev.com/slm"}) 

If you do not pass in the url, username and password, you won't get any information.

Finding Projects(Projects)

rally = TicketMaster.new(:rally, {:url => 'https://community.rallydev.com/slm', 
                                         :username => 'foo', 
                                         :password => 'bar'})
# Project with ID of 1
project = rally.project(1)
# Projects with IDs of 1 and 2
projects = rally.project([1,2])

Finding Tickets(Defects,Tasks)

# Ticket with ID of 1
ticket = project.ticket(1)
# Tickets with ID's of 1 and 2
tickets = project.tickets([1,2])
# All tickets
tickets = project.tickets

Open Tickets

# Create a new ticket
ticket = project.ticket!(:title => 'New Ticket', 
                         :description => 'Description')

Finding comments

# Finding all comments 
comments = ticket.comments
# Finding a comment with ID 1
comment = ticket.comment(1)


  • rubygems (obviously)
  • ticketmaster gem (latest version preferred)
  • rally_rest_api
  • logger (only if you want Rally REST API to log activity)

Other Notes

Since this and the ticketmaster gem is still primarily a work-in-progress, minor changes may be incompatible with previous versions. Please be careful about using and updating this gem in production.

If you see or find any issues, feel free to open up an issue report.

Copyright (c) 2011 Simeon F. Willbanks. See LICENSE.txt for further details.