# Thredded + Redis + Resque

Out of the gate thredded does require anything other than a recent version of ruby, and postgres and it works fine as is. There is a need over time to speed things up with something like a background job processing queue, or a nosql store like redis to help speed things up.

This gem helps do that. Using [resque] and [resque_mailer] it automatically updates all mailers to push into resque instead of sending immediately. For now that's all it does, but in time it will do more.

[resque]: github.com/defunkt/resque [resque_mailer]: github.com/zapnap/resque_mailer

## Installation

  • Dependencies:

    1. Redis must be installed. If you're on a mac: `brew install redis` and follow the directions.

    2. Use [foreman] ([railscast episode]) locally, and have a Procfile set up (there is a default Procfile in the thredded repo). This isn't a hard and fast requirement but it will certainly make things easier.

  • Add this gem into your thredded app *Gemfile* - `gem 'thredded_resque'`

  • Install with - `bundle install`

  • Run the generator - `rails g thredded_resque:install`. This will append a worker to your Procfile.

  • Start your local server and worker with foreman (`foreman start`) or start both of them individually:

“` bundle exec rails server bundle exec rake environment resque:work QUEUE='*' “`

[foreman]: github.com/ddollar/foreman [railscast episode]: railscasts.com/episodes/281-foreman

## Using with heroku

  • Install a redis addon like redistogo

“` heroku addons:add redistogo:nano “`

  • Add a worker process. Remember - this costs $!

“` heroku ps:scale worker=1 “`

  • Ensure the app is set up to connect to redistogo.


“` uri = URI.parse(ENV) REDIS_WORKER = Redis.new(host: uri.host, port: uri.port, password: uri.password) “`


“` Resque.redis = REDIS_WORKER “`