Module: Thredded::MarkdownKatex::SVGWhitelist

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All the non-script SVG elements and attributes.

  a animate animateColor animateMotion animateTransform
  circle clipPath defs desc ellipse feGaussianBlur filter font-face
  font-face-name font-face-src foreignObject
  g glyph hkern linearGradient line marker mask metadata missing-glyph
  mpath path polygon polyline radialGradient rect set stop svg switch
  text textPath title tspan use
  accent-height accumulate additive alphabetic
  arabic-form ascent attributeName attributeType baseProfile bbox begin
  by calcMode cap-height class clip-path clip-rule color
  color-interpolation-filters color-rendering content cx cy d dx
  dy descent display dur end fill fill-opacity fill-rule
  filterRes filterUnits font-family
  font-size font-stretch font-style font-variant font-weight from fx fy g1
  g2 glyph-name gradientUnits hanging height horiz-adv-x horiz-origin-x id
  ideographic k keyPoints keySplines keyTimes lang marker-end
  marker-mid marker-start markerHeight markerUnits markerWidth
  maskContentUnits maskUnits mathematical max method min name offset
  opacity orient origin overline-position overline-thickness panose-1 path
  pathLength patternContentUnits patternTransform patternUnits points
  preserveAspectRatio primitiveUnits r refX refY repeatCount repeatDur
  requiredExtensions requiredFeatures restart rotate rx ry slope spacing
  startOffset stdDeviation stemh
  stemv stop-color stop-opacity strikethrough-position
  strikethrough-thickness stroke stroke-dasharray stroke-dashoffset
  stroke-linecap stroke-linejoin stroke-miterlimit stroke-opacity
  stroke-width systemLanguage target text-anchor to transform type u1
  u2 underline-position underline-thickness unicode unicode-range
  units-per-em values version viewBox visibility width widths x
  x-height x1 x2 xlink:actuate xlink:arcrole xlink:href xlink:role
  xlink:show xlink:title xlink:type xml:base xml:lang xml:space xmlns
  xmlns:xlink y y1 y2 zoomAndPan
  fill fill-opacity fill-rule stroke
  stroke-width stroke-linecap stroke-linejoin stroke-opacity

TODO: The whitelists below are not applied yet.

  clip-path color-profile cursor fill
  filter marker marker-start marker-mid marker-end mask stroke
  altGlyph animate animateColor animateMotion
  animateTransform cursor feImage filter linearGradient pattern
  radialGradient textpath tref set use