Module: Thredded::MarkdownKatex::MathMLWhitelist

Defined in:

Constant Summary collapse


Attributes common to all MathML elements

%w[id xref class style href].freeze

Attributes common to presentational elements

%w[mathcolor mathbackground].freeze

Attributes common to token elements

%w[mathvariant mathsize dir].freeze

Attributes common to elements that can be indented

  indentalign indentshift indenttarget indentalignfirst indentshiftfirst
  indentalignlast indentshiftlast

Attributes common to definition elements

%w[definitionURL encoding].freeze

All of these elements have MATHML_COMMON_PRES_ATT.

  'maction' => %w[actiontype selection],
  'menclose' => %w[notation],
  'merror' => %w[],
  'mfenced' => %w[open close separators],
  'mfrac' =>
        %w[bevelled denomalign linethickness numalign],
  'mglyph' => %w[src width height valign alt],
  'mpadded' =>
        %w[height depth width lspace voffset],
  'mphantom' => %w[],
  'mroot' => %w[],
  'mrow' => %w[dir],
  'msqrt' => %w[],
  'mstyle' => INDENT_ATT + %w[
    scriptlevel displaystyle scriptsizemultiplier scriptminsize
    infixlinebreakstyle decimalpoint accent accentunder align
    alignmentscope bevelled charalign charspacing close columnalign
    columnlines columnspacing columnspan columnwidth crossout
    denomalign depth dir edge equalcolumns equalrows fence form frame
    framespacing groupalign height largeop leftoverhang length
    linebreak linebreakmultchar linebreakstyle lineleading
    linethickness location longdivstyle lquote lspace mathsize
    mathvariant maxsize minlabelspacing minsize movablelimits
    mslinethickness notation numalign open position rightoverhang
    rowalign rowlines rowspacing rowspan rquote rspace selection
    separator separators shift side stackalign stretchy
    subscriptshift superscriptshift symmetric valign width
  'mi' => TOKEN_ATT,
  'mn' => TOKEN_ATT,
  'mo' => TOKEN_ATT + INDENT_ATT +
          %w[form fence separator lspace rspace stretchy symmetric minsize
             maxsize largeop movablelimits accent linebreak lineleading
             linebreakstyle linebreakmultchar],
  'ms' => TOKEN_ATT + %w[lquote rquote],
  'mspace' => TOKEN_ATT + INDENT_ATT +
              %w[width height depth linebreak],
  'mtext' => TOKEN_ATT,
  'maligngroup' => %w[groupalign],
  'malignmark' => %w[edge],
  'mlabeledtr' => %w[rowalign columnalign groupalign],
  'mtable' => %w[
    align rowalign columnalign groupalign alignmentscope columnwidth
    width rowspacing columnspacing rowlines columnlines frame
    framespacing equalrows equalcolumns displaystyle side
  'mtd' => %w[rowspan columnspan rowalign columnalign groupalign],
  'mtr' => %w[rowalign columnalign groupalign],
  'mmultiscripts' => %w[superscriptshift subscriptshift],
  'msub' => %w[subscriptshift],
  'msup' => %w[superscriptshift],
  'msubsup' => %w[superscriptshift subscriptshift],
  'munder' => %w[accentunder align],
  'mover' => %w[accent align],
  'munderover' => %w[accent accentunder align],
  'mlongdiv' => %w[position shift longdivstyle],
  'mscarries' => %w[position location crossout scriptsizemultiplier],
  'mscarry' => %w[location crossout],
  'msgroup' => %w[position shift],
  'msline' =>
        %w[position length leftoverhang rightoverhang mslinethickness],
  'none' => %w[],
  'mprescripts' => %w[],
  'msrow' => %w[position],
  'mstack' => %w[align stackalign charalign charspacing]
  'math' => %w[xmlns display maxwidth overflow altimg altimg-width
               altimg-height altimg-valign alttext cdgroup],
  'semantics' => DEF_ENC_ATT,
  'annotation' => %w[cd name src] + DEF_ENC_ATT,
  'annotation-xml' => %w[cd name src] + DEF_ENC_ATT