An xUnit family unit testing framework for Ruby.

Test::Unit (test-unit) is unit testing framework for Ruby, based on xUnit principles. These were originally designed by Kent Beck, creator of extreme programming software development methodology, for Smalltalk's SUnit. It allows writing tests, checking results and automated testing in Ruby.


  • Test::Unit 1.2.3 is the original Test::Unit, taken straight from the ruby distribution. It is being distributed as a gem to allow tool builders to use it as a stand-alone package. (The test framework in ruby is going to radically change very soon).

  • test-unit will be improved actively and may break compatiblity with Test::Unit 1.2.3. (We will not hope it if it isn't needed.)

  • Some features exist as separated gems like GUI test runner. (Tk, GTK+ and Fox) test-unit-full gem package provides for installing all Test::Unit related gems easily.

How To


% sudo gem install test-unit

If you want to use full Test::Unit features:

% sudo gem install test-unit-full


(The Ruby License)

This software is distributed under the same terms as ruby.


  • lib/test/unit/diff.rb is a double license of the Ruby license and PSF license.

  • lib/test-unit.rb is a dual license of the Ruby license and LGPLv2.1 or later.



  • Kouhei Sutou: The current maintainer
  • Haruka Yoshihara: Data driven test supports.


  • Nathaniel Talbott: The original author
  • Ryan Davis: The second maintainer



  • Daniel Berger: Suggestions and bug reports.
  • Designing Patterns: Suggestions.
  • Erik Hollensbe: Suggestions and bug reports.
  • Bill Lear: A suggestion.
  • Diego Pettenò: A bug report.
  • Angelo Lakra: A bug report.
  • Mike Pomraning: A bug report.
  • David MARCHALAND: Suggestions and bug reports.
  • Andrew Grimm: A bug report.
  • Champak Ch: A bug report.
  • Florian Frank: A bug report.
  • grafi-tt: Bug fixes and reports.
  • Jeremy Stephens: A bug report.
  • Hans de Graaff: Bug reports.
  • James Mead: A bug report.
  • Marc Seeger (Acquia): A bug report.
  • boutil: A bug report.
  • Vladislav Rassokhin: A bug report.