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Providing temporal scopes for an ActiveRecord model to allow queries by time. For example, MyModel.now.where(...), my_model.archive, MyModel.past.where(...).

This is done by adding the database columns valid_from and valid_to to the model's table.


Make an ActiveRecord have temporal scopes

class Article < ActiveRecord::Base


Archive an object

current_article = Article.create(title: 'My new article', body: 'Lorem ipsum')

past_article = Article.create(title: 'My new article', body: 'Lorem ipsum')

# or provide a datetime:
past_article.archive at: 1.hour.ago

Use temporal scopes for filtering

Article.now                          #  => [current_article]
Article.past                         #  => [past_article]
Article.with_past                    #  => [current_article, past_article]

Note that the default scope is set to now.

Article.all                          #  => [current_article]
Article.now                          #  => [current_article]
Article.with_past                    #  => [current_article, past_article]
Article.without_temporal_condition   #  => [current_article, past_article]


Further documentation can be found on rubydoc.info.


  • There is only one valid_from and one valid_to time per object. Therefore, you can't keep track of first archiving an object and later un-archiving it. Un-archiving an object loses the information of first archiving it.


Installing the Gem

Add the gem to your Gemfile:

# Gemfile
# ...
gem 'temporal_scopes'

Then, run bundle install.


Add the columns valid_from and valid_to to the model you would like to have temporal scopes.

bundle exec rails generate migration add_validity_period_to_articles valid_from:datetime:index valid_to:datetime:index
bundle exec rake db:migrate

Author and License

Copyright (c) 2014 Sebastian Fiedlschuster.

Released under the MIT License.