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This module provides functions to add test results in testrail from a finished beaker run.

It takes in a beaker junit file and a TestRail Testrun ID

It matches the beaker tests with TestRail testcases by looking for the

test case ID in the beaker script. The combination of a test run and a test case
allows the script to add a result for a particular instance of a test case.
In TestRail parlance, this is confusingly called a test.

From the TestRail API docs:

"In TestRail, tests are part of a test run and the test cases are part of the
related test suite. So, when you create a new test run, TestRail creates a test
for each test case found in the test suite of the run. You can therefore think
of a test as an “instance” of a test case which can have test results, comments 
and a test status.""

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Modules: TestRail, Version Classes: ArgParser, TestRailTeller