A simple ruby app that can edit and read a todo list.

How To

Install with:

(sudo) gem install tdo

Then add a new task with:

tdo "I'm a new task!"

...Or add keep your tasks in groups with:

tdo @work "Do that job thing"

View your tasks with:

tdo -r
tdo -r @work

Mark tasks as done when finished:

tdo -d "I'm a new task"
tdo -d @work "Do that job thing"

Then clear and forget:

tdo -c

File Location

You can easily change where the file is stored, so it can be synced with Dropbox or anything else. Just add this to your .bashrc/.bash_profile/.aliases/????...

export TDO_FILE='~/my/path/to/my/todo.txt'

Copyright (c) 2010 Joshua Hawxwell. See LICENSE for details.