A Web Interface for Taskwarrior

Notice I no longer have the time to maintain this codebase. If you are interested in maintaining the project, please contact me. Sorry and thanks.

A lightweight, Sinatra-based web interface for the wonderful Taskwarrior todo application.

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  • ruby >= 1.9 (support for ruby < 1.9 is very unlikely, but pull requests are gladly accepted).


gem install taskwarrior-web

This will install an executable called task-web


task-web at your terminal to start it up. This will start the process, background it, and open the URL in your browser.

It uses Vegas to make the Sinatra app into an executable, so all options for Vegas are valid for task-web. Type task-web -h for more options.


The current featureset includes:

  • Viewing tasks sorted and grouped in various ways.
  • Creating a new task with a due date, project, and tags.
  • Editing and deleting tasks (only task >= 2.0).
  • task-web will pull your task config (from .taskrc) and use it to determine date formatting and when an upcoming task should be marked as "due".
  • If you are on a Mac and use Fluid.app, you get a dock badge showing the number of pending tasks.
  • Optional HTTP Basic authentication.

Reporting Bugs

To report a bug, use the Github issue tracker. Since taskwarrior-web works with several different versions of task, using many different configurations, please include the output from task _version and either the output of task show or a copy of your .taskrc file when filing a bug. This helps me reproduce bugs easier.

Here is an example of a good bug report.


  • This project is not developed by the Taskwarrior team. Obviously, taskwarrior-web extends Taskwarrior, but the projects are separate.
  • task-web is mostly designed to run locally. As such, security is not of the highest priority. You may find that things such as CSRF protection are lacking. If things like this are important to you, please file an issue or a pull request.