This is the TaskMapper for interaction with Trello


Initialize the Trello TaskMapper instance using your public key and member token:

trello = TaskMapper.new(
  :developer_public_key => "YOUR_DEVELOPER_PUBLIC_KEY",
  :member_token => "YOUR_MEMBER_TOKEN"

To find your developer_public_key, go to https://trello.com/1/appKey/generate.

To get a member_token you can use ad infinitum, modify this URL and visit it in a browser:


After confirming, you'll be given a member_token that should not expire.

Finding Projects(Boards)

You can find your own projects by using:

projects = trello.projects # will return all boards
projects = trello.projects ["board_id", "another_board_id"]
project = trello.projects.find :first, "board_id"
projects = trello.projects.find :all, ["board_id", "another_board_id"]

Finding Tickets(Cards)

tickets = project.tickets # All open tickets
tickets = project.tickets :all, :status => 'closed' # all closed tickets
ticket = project.ticket "4ea4fa0dd791269d4e29a1b3"

Opening A Ticket

ticket = project.ticket!(
  :name => "New Ticket"
  :description => "Content of the new ticket."

Closing Tickets


Reopening Tickets


Updating Tickets

ticket.name = "Updated name"
ticket.description = "New description"



The Trello API does not currently support fetching comments for tickets/cards. As such, the taskmapper-trello gem does not provide comment functionality for tickets right now. If the API changes to allow this, we'll update taskmapper-trello to match.

If you run into any issues, please feel free to open an issue or pull request.


The main way you can contribute is with some code! Here's how:

  • Fork taskmapper-trello
  • Create a topic branch: git checkout -b my_awesome_feature
  • Push to your branch - git push origin my_awesome_feature
  • Create a Pull Request from your branch
  • That's it!

We use RSpec for testing. Please include tests with your pull request. A simple bundle exec rake will run the suite. Also, please try to TomDoc your methods, it makes it easier to see what the code does and makes it easier for future contributors to get started.

(c) 2013 The Hybrid Group