A set of command line utilities and helper classes to convert between IO list files of different PLC types into different HMI types.

Currently Siemens, Schneider and Wonderware are supported, Schneider and Wonderware IAS support planned in the near future.

The utilities in this gem are somewhat rough quality, no guarantees are given wrt correct operation. Even so, I hope they might be useful.



Print the contents of Siemens Step 7 IO file

awlpp -s SYMLIST.DBF 00000007.AWL

Find file names corersponding to a internal Step 7 source file name

awlls --folder ../myproject/

Convert a siemens IO list into a Wonderware Intouch (non IAS) DB import file

s7tointouch -s SYMLIST.DBF -a SIEMENSPLC 00000007.AWL

Convert a PL7 text export file to intouch CSV import file

pl7tointouch -i exported.txt -o importme.csv

The commands support the –help parameter for a full list of parameters


gem install tallakt-plcutil