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T2-Airtime client, t2_airtime.

T2-Airtime is a Ruby gem providing a proxy cache and a REST API to TransferTo Airtime service.


Install as a Ruby gem

gem install t2_airtime

Setup Transfer-To credentials

  1. Make sure you are a registered user of Transfer-To.
  2. Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in your Transfer-To Shop Security Center section
  3. Retrieve API key (token) created by Transfer-To Shop.
  4. Export your secrets as an environment variables:
export T2_SHOP_USER=<your_username>
export T2_AIRTIME_KEY=<your_token>
  1. Export the host allowed to access the API (CORS):

    export CORS_ORIGIN=<your_frontend_address>
  2. Export your API secrets:

export API_KEY=<t2_airtime_key>
export API_TOKEN=<t2_airtime_token>

Using Docker

  1. Download image:
docker pull voxbox/t2_airtime
  1. Export your secrets in env (see previous step)

  2. Run:

docker run -d \
  --name t2_airtime \
  -p 3000:3000 \
  -e T2_SHOP_USER \
  -e API_KEY \
  -e API_TOKEN \


  1. If needed, install bundler:

    $ gem install bundler
  2. Clone the repo:

    $ git clone [email protected]:matteolc/t2_airtime.git
    $ cd t2_airtime
  3. Install dependencies:

    $ bundle install


Inside the t2_airtime repository directory run:

$ bundle exec rspec

To start a development server:

$ cd spec/dummy
$ puma -C config/puma.rb


Copyright 2015-17 (c) Matteo La Cognata

Released under MIT license. See LICENSE file for further details.