Ship logs to a syslog server

[syslog-shipper (master *+$)]$ bin/syslog-shipper -h

    Usage: bin/syslog-shipper [options] -s HOST:PORT <path_or_glob> [path_or_glob2] [...]
    If a path begins with '+' each line is sent unmodified to the syslog server.
    Otherwise, this tool will prefix each line read from the file with a syslog

    For example: bin/syslog-shipper -s somehost:514 +/var/log/messages /var/log/apache2/access.syslog
--check-interval, -i <i>:   How frequently, in seconds, to check the glob patternsfor new files (default: 5)
      --exclude, -x <s+>:   A pattern to ignore. Wildcard/globs accepted. Can be specified multiple times
        --server, -s <s>:   What syslog server to ship to (uses TCP)
           --verbose, -v:   Verbose mode
              --ping, -p:   Try to connect and quit immediately after
       --ca-cert, -c <s>:   Custom certificate used to verify TLS certificates (implies --tls)
   --skip-peer-check, -k:   When connecting with TLS, do not prompt the user to verify the peer (not recommended, implies --tls)
               --tls, -t:   Connect via tls
   --config-file, -f <s>:   YAML config file (command line options override values in this file)
           --version, -e:   Print version and exit
              --help, -h:   Show this message