A Ruby interface for getting operating system information. The name comes
from the Unix 'uname' command, but this library works on Windows as well.


gem install sys-uname

# If that doesn't work and you're on Windows try this:
gem install sys-uname --platform universal-mingw32


require 'sys/uname'
include Sys

p Uname.uname

Solaris Notes

Folks building this library on SunOS get two extra methods: architecture()
and platform()

BSD flavors, including OS X

Users on BSD platforms get the extra Uname.model method.

HP-UX Notes

HP-UX users get the extra Uname.id_number method. This is actually a
String, not a Fixnum, because that's how it's defined in the utsname

MS Windows Notes

The C version for Windows has been completely scrapped in favor of an OLE
plus WMI approach. It is pure Ruby. Please see the MSDN documentation for
the Win32_OperatingSystem class for a complete list of what each of the
UnameStruct members mean.


For more details, see the 'uname.txt' file under the 'doc' directory.