About ==

This is a library for interacting with Subverison repositories. It is a new set of ruby bindings that are simple to use and compatible with RVM because they are dynamically linked to libsvn and do not require any native extensions.

In addition, these new bindings expose a ruby-style API and try to hide the underlying SVN details—for example, SVN separates repositories from their inner filesystems, but this library hides that distinction.

Getting Started ==

Example code:

require 'svn'

repo = Svn::Repo.open('/path/to/repo')
r4 = repo.revision(4)
puts "#{r}, by #{r.author} (on #{r.timestamp.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M')})\nLog: #{r.log}"

r4.changes.each_pair { |path, changes| ... }
puts r4.props.inspect
# => {"svn:log"=>"...", "svn:author"=>"blue", "svn:date"=>"2011-10-14T23:51:58.705026Z"}
puts r4.diff('/some/repo/file') # by default, against the previous revision

Current Status ==

Version 0.1.0 supports read-only operations to inspect a subversion repository, its files, and file properties. Transactions are planned and will be included in a future version.

The current release, 0.1.0 is an experimental release and the API included is subject to change. Rubygems version number conventions will be respected, so it is recommended that callers specify the version of this library using the “~>” operator:

spec.add_dependency 'ffi', '~> 0.1'

Contributing ==