Sunspot::Solr is a packaged distribution of Solr for use with the Sunspot and Sunspot::Rails gems. See those gems' documentation for more information.


gem install sunspot_solr

In order to start the daemon, run:

sunspot-solr start -- [-d /path/to/data/directory] [-b ip4_address] [-p port] [-s path/to/solr/home] [--pid-dir=path/to/pid/dir]

If you don't specify a data directory, your Solr index will be stored in your operating system's temporary directory.

If you specify a solr home, the directory must contain a conf directory, which should contain at least schema.xml and solrconfig.xml. Be sure to copy the schema.xml out of the Sunspot gem's solr/solr/conf directory. Sunspot relies on the field name patterns defined in the packaged schema.xml, so those cannot be modified.