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What is Sufia?

Sufia is a component that adds self-deposit institutional repository features to a Rails app. Sufia is created with Ruby on Rails and builds on the Hydra Framework.

Sufia has the following features:

  • Multiple file, or folder, upload
  • Flexible user- and group-based access controls
  • Transcoding of audio and video files
  • Generation and validation of identifiers
  • Fixity checking
  • Version control
  • Characterization of uploaded files
  • Forms for batch editing metadata
  • Faceted search and browse (based on Blacklight)
  • Social media interaction
  • User profiles
  • User dashboard for file management
  • Highlighted files on profile
  • Sharing w/ groups and users
  • User notifications
  • Activity streams
  • Background jobs
  • Single-use links

Sufia needs the following software to work:

  • Solr
  • Fedora Commons
  • Redis
  • Ruby

Creating an application

Generate base Rails install

rails new my_app

Add gems to Gemfile

gem 'blacklight'
gem 'hydra-head'
gem 'sufia'
gem 'jettywrapper'
gem 'font-awesome-sass-rails'

Then bundle install

Run the blacklight, hydra and sufia generators

rails g blacklight --devise
rails g hydra:head -f
rails g sufia -f

Run the migrations

rake db:migrate

If you want to use the assets that ship with Sufia...

add the following to application.css

 *= require sufia

You'll want to ensure you're not loading the blacklight.css, so remove this line *= require_tree .

Add the following to application.js

//= require sufia


Start background workers

COUNT=4 QUEUE=* rake environment resque:work

See for more options

If you want to enable transcoding of video, instal ffmpeg version 1.0+

On a mac

Use homebrew:

brew install ffmpeg --with-libvpx --with-libvorbis

On Ubuntu Linux



This information is for people who want to modify the engine itself, not an application that uses the engine:

Create fixtures

# start jetty
git submodule init && git submodule update
rake jetty:config
rake jetty:start

# load sufia fixtures
rake sufia:fixtures:create sufia:fixtures:generate
rake fixtures

# run the tests
rake clean spec
bundle exec cucumber features